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Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Next round of reservations opens on

Friday, February 01, 2019, 13:00

PM 01:00 JST(UTC+9)
after making reservation
5 days prior to the day

Message from restaurant

We are never a vegetarian restaurant. The vegetable dish which I cannot express when I do it without taste " UMAMI "of fishery products and the meat. TSU, SHI, MI which provides a vegetable dish at an unprecedented totally new style & idea to assign a spotlight to vegetables to the last.
Of Course It is committed to Japan made, The ingredients of leading part are always that I found by trips in whole Japan.
And after all, also Japanese meat and fishery products follow to vegetable as a leading part.
I wanted to do such awful pleasant cooking for a long time!

As a result, I was not able to accept only one table up to five guests a day because I would use seasonal nature rare ingredients which I could not offer to many customers visitors,

But Chef Tsushimi continues pursuing further diversity and possibility and merely aims to be only one restaurant in the world.

Reservation rules

Even if it's our regular holiday, we might prepare seats in some case.
Regardless of the fully booked display on the calendar, please send us an email at the address below with date and guest number.
We'll reply about if it's available or not.


  • [Dinner] (Mar〜)Degustation with Japanese wine pairing

    JPY40,000 /person

    Nonalcholic: JPY37000 /person

  • [Dinner] (〜Feb)Degustation with Japanese wine pairing

    JPY33,264 /person

    14-16 dishes as above, which will be paired with 8 glasses of domestic wine.

    *Consumption tax, service charge, and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    *There is no extra charge as long as there are no additional orders.

  • [Dinner] (〜Feb)Degustation

    JPY29,700 /person

    14-16 dishes
    Enjoy unique Japanese flavors: a broad range of uniquely prepared vegetables with carefully selected domestic meats and seafood.

    ※Minimum charge: ¥29,700 /per person. The Degustation meal charge is ¥21,384 /per person ( taxes, services charges, and fees are included).

*In addition, we take 10% service charge and tax.
*Unless you order extra, you don't have to pay any additional charge.

Phone Number 03-6407-8024
URL http://www.tsushimi.com/
Seats 1 group per day(2-4 people)ask 5 people
Operation hours 18:30~
Regular holiday Irregular Holidays
BYOB Not allowed
Smoking Not allowed
Address 1-16-9, Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station Shinsen