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Enjoy Japan’s fine dining experience

OMAKASE is a reservation management system exclusive to the top fine dining restaurants in Japan.

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Reserving Japan’s finest restaurants with ease.

  • Finest restaurants

    Finest restaurants

    We provide access to the most exclusive restaurants in Japan. Enjoy a unique experience with OMAKASE.

  • Online reservation

    Online reservation

    Make a reservation from home. Visit the restaurant on your trip to Japan.

  • Manage reservations

    Manage your reservations

    Your itinerary is kept online. You’ll also receive reminder emails.

  • Manage reservations

    Cancel notifications

    You can easily get cancellation notifications. Don't miss your favorite seats!

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How to join OMAKASE

  • Find a restaurant

    Find a restaurant

    Find the restaurant that you’d like to book within the OMAKASE list.

  • Register your credit card

    Register your credit card

    A valid credit card is required to make a reservation.

  • Make your reservations online

    Make your reservations online

    Find available seats online. You’ll receive a confirmation email.

  • Visit restaurant

    Visit restaurant

    Arrive at the restaurant on time. Bon appétit!

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